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Natural Hardwood Poles

 Hardwood Poles are a very strong timber with lengths up to 6m available for UK-wide delivery.

Splitting, Cracking and Warping

Please note that wood is a natural product and therefore it is subject to splitting, cracking, and warping especially in extremes of weather. This is not a fault of the product; it is a feature of timber.

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Natural Hardwood Poles are stripped of bark, Tanalith E treated, and are far stronger than bamboo or machine round alternatives. They are strong enough to be used in building construction.

Grown from the Eucalyptus Grandis tree in South Africa, these poles have a natural taper over their length. They are very strong, with a density similar to oak, and their natural appearance make them perfect for a variety of uses.

UK wide delivery available and no minimum order quantity.

Please note each pack size has been calculated to give you the optimum number of poles for the lowest delivery charge available. Some pole lengths and weights dictate that they cannot have a multipack size. This does not affect your ability to order multiple quantities.


Natural Hardwood Poles Table of Options

Diameter Length (metres) Single (inc. VAT) Multipack (inc. VAT)
25/32mm 1.5 m N/A £79.90 - Pack of 10
25/32mm 3 m N/A £89.90 - Pack of 10
25/32mm 4.5 m N/A £99.90 - Pack of 10
50/75mm 1.5 m £20.00 £140.00 - Pack of 7
50/75mm 3 m £35.00 £140.00 - Pack of 4
75/100mm 4.2 m £80.00 N/A
75/100mm 4.8 m £90.00 N/A
75/100mm 6 m £110.00 N/A
100/125mm 3 m £80.00 N/A
100/125mm 6 m £135.00 N/A
125/150mm 3 m £90.00 N/A
125/150mm 6 m £160.00 N/A
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