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Q: What type of wood is each pole made from?
A: Our Machine Round Landscaping Poles are made from mixed softwoods. Our Machined Play Area Poles are laminated redwood. Our Natural Hardwood Poles are South African Eucalyptus Grandis. Our Telegraph Poles are pine.

Q: What is the difference between a plain, half round, pointed and chamfered finish on your wooden poles?
A: These terms refer to the end shape of the pole/cut of the wooden pole. Please see the links below for images.
Plain / Half Round / Pointed / Chamfered Top

Q: What is the difference between a Blank End and a 4 Way Weather Top on your wooden posts?
A: These terms refer to the finish at the end of the post. Please see the links below for images.
Blank End / 4 Way Weather Top

Q: What type of treatment is used on the poles?
A: The majority of our poles are Tanalith E or AC500 treated. Tanalith E and AC500 are biocides that are applied under high pressure to reduce rot and decay. Some telegraph poles may be creosote treated instead due to their large size but this is dependent upon the length of the pole and treatment tank.

Q: Can wooden poles be untreated?
A: Yes, but this must be specified at time of order.

Any commercially supplied children’s play area should use timber that satisfies the latest European specifications with respect to splitting and splintering. At Total Poles our laminated poles meet all the latest European specifications.

Q: What is the stress grading of play area poles?
A: Machined Play Area Poles are stress graded to C24.

Q: How far into the ground should the pole go?
A: Whilst we would advise approximately 1/3rd, all decisions relating to structure and placement should be taken by the project leaders or relevant purchaser.

Q: Can you give me advice on which type of poles to use for a project?
A: Yes, we have experience of specifying structural poles and timber posts for many differing projects. If you are able to have full details of the project to hand when contacting us this would be beneficial.

Q: My pole has a split in it, is this normal?
A: Yes. It is completely normal for wood of all types to split as it contracts and changes in response to the weather, and it is common for many splits to appear over time. It is unusual for a split to reach the centre of the pole over a long enough distance to affect the structural integrity of the pole, but if you have any concerns please get in touch and we can provide further guidance.

Q: Are you FSC registered?
A: Total Poles, as part of The Lapa Company, are not FSC registered, however The Lapa Company feel it is our responsibility to ensure we produce and distribute a responsible product and this is a priority when sourcing suppliers. Though not all our products are FSC, we can supply FSC certified products if specified at time of order.

Q: What are your delivery charges?
A: Due to the varying size and weight of Total Poles products, please contact us for confirmation of the delivery price of your individual order. For further information please see our Delivery Information page.

Q: What are your lead times?
A: Many of our common sized Natural Hardwood and Machine Round Landscaping Poles can be despatched in 2-3 days. Orders for Machined Play Area Poles and custom orders have a typical delivery timescale of 2-3 weeks but this can be confirmed at time of order.

Q: Do you sell wooden posts?
A: Yes! We've listened to our customers and from March 2016 are now stocking wooden posts as well as timber poles!

Q: How will the transaction appear on my bank statement?
A: All purchases from Total Poles, part of Lapa Distribution and The Lapa Company, will appear as either TheLapaCo or LapaDistribution (depending on the type of pole ordered), on bank statements.