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Telegraph Poles

We can supply both new and used Telegraph Poles, however our recommendation to all our customers would be to purchase a Natural Hardwood Pole instead. All of our Natural Hardwood Poles are typically available with a shorter delivery time and lower cost per pole.

If you choose to proceed with a Telegraph Pole, please be aware that they are treated with AC500, which is a green water based pressure treatment similar to Tanalith E. Some telegraph poles may be creosote treated instead due to their large size but this is dependent upon the length of the pole and treatment tank.

Please note that telegraph poles are extremely heavy and require specialist delivery vehicles.

UK wide delivery available, please call 01732 884030 to order.

Used Telegraph Pole Sizes & Pricing

Used Telegraph Poles are supplied in sizes of 24, 26 and 30ft and vary between 125mm (5") to 300mm (10") in diameter. To confirm availability and delivery charges please call 01732 884030.

The cost per linear foot is £7.45 + VAT.

New Telegraph Pole Sizes & Pricing

Please note that unfortunately we have had to implement a £100.00 minimum order value (excl. delivery).

To download a PDF Price List on our New Telegraph Poles, please click here or on the PDF icon opposite


Length (metres) Minimum Dia. 1.5m from Butt (mm) Top Minimum Dia.(mm) Price
(inc VAT)
6.0m 150mm 125mm £154.80
7.0m 160mm 125mm £175.20
8.0m 170mm 125mm £218.40
9.0m 180mm 125mm £246.00
10.0m 185mm 125mm £288.00
11.0m 190mm 130mm £336.00
13.0m 210mm 130mm £384.00



Length (metres) Minimum Dia. 1.5m from Butt (mm) Top Minimum Dia.(mm) Price (inc VAT)
8.0m 215mm 150mm £264.00
8.5m 215mm 150mm £294.00
9.0m 220mm 150mm £330.00
9.5m 225mm 150mm £354.00
10.0m 230mm 150mm £372.00
10.5m 235mm 150mm £396.00
11.0m 240mm 150mm £432.00
11.5m 245mm 150mm £450.00
12.0m 250mm 150mm £510.00
13.0m 260mm 160mm £552.00
14.0m 275mm 160mm £624.00
15.0m 290mm 165mm £774.00
16.0m 305mm 170mm £894.00
17.0m 320mm 180mm £958.80
18.0m 330mm 180mm £1,146.00
20.0m 360mm 198mm £1,434.00



Length (metres) Minimum Dia. 1.5m from Butt (mm) Top Minimum Dia.(mm) Price (inc VAT)
8.5m 265mm 190mm £390.00
9.0m 275mm 190mm £432.00
9.5m 280mm 190mm £468.00
10.0m 285mm 190mm £516.00
10.5m 290mm 190mm £576.00
11.0m 295mm 190mm £612.00
11.5m 300mm 190mm £684.00
12.0m 305mm 190mm £744.00
13.0m 320mm 195mm £876.00
14.0m 335mm 195mm £1,020.00
15.0m 350mm 195mm £1,320.00
16.0m 365mm 200mm £1,500.00
17.0m 375mm 200mm £1,620.00
18.0m 390mm 200mm £1,920.00
20.0m 415mm 200mm £2,388.00
22.0m 435mm 200mm £3,000.00
24.0m 470mm 200mm £3,720.00